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Unicorns are the original hybrids


At age six, I remember sitting in the carbon-monoxide seats of my parent's late '70s powder blue station wagon. I would lip-sync to Crystal Gayle's "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue" looking over at drivers in other cars. I was convinced they would see me and think that I was Crystal broadcasting directly to their AM dial.

Recently, with the help of electroshock therapy, I realized I was just high on fumes.

I'm a writer, humorist and all around raconteur.


Writing, Tea, Ink, Art/Architecture, Films, Spoken Word, People Watching, Metaphysics, Tarot, Tennis, Rugby, Soccer, Softball, Safari Expeditions, Backpacking, Traveling/Road Trips, Surgery, Tide-pools, Horseback Riding, Chakras, Taxidermy, Tattoos, Dogs, Ferrets, 70s & 80s Ninja Movies, Cults, Mirrors, Owls, Wind-up Toys and Tammy Faye.